Fields of work

  • Induktiv-gekoppeltes Plasma - Massenspektrometrie (ICP-MS)
  • Ionenchromatographie (IC)
  • Photometrie
  • Aufschlussmethoden


Journal Articles
Tellurium and selenium sorption kinetics and solid fractionation under contrasting estuarine salinity and turbidity conditions
Gil-Díaz, T.; Schäfer, J.; Keller, V.; Eiche, E.; Dutruch, L.; Mößner, C.; Lenz, M.; Eyrolle, F.
2020. Chemical geology, 532, 119370. doi:10.1016/j.chemgeo.2019.119370
Conference Papers
Trace Element Contents in Kamacite (a-Fe,Ni) and Troilite (FeS) of the Morasko Meteorite from Poznan, Poland
Lücke, W.; Muszynski, A.; Berner, Z.; Mößner, C.
2002. Riosymposium, Brasil