Anion isotopy

The oxygen isotopy in sulfate and phosphate can be used both to identify their source and to understand mobilization and transformation processes in the subsurface. The oxygen isotopy in sulfate and water can be used in combination to calculate temperatures in a reservoir (geothermometer).

We analyze the O-isotopy in sulfate and phosphate. Precipitation of the respective anion in pure form is a prerequisite for successful application.

We are happy to advise you to determine the appropriate analysis for your problem.




Isotope ratio mass spectrometry (IRMS)

δ18OSO4, δ18OPO4, δ34SSO4

Solid after precipitation as BaSO4

or Ag3PO4

Isoprime, GV Instruments; element analyzer
"Euro 3000;
HTA pyrolysis furnace "HEKAtech".